Our innovate and motivative one on one business coaching package include the following:


  • Assistance With Legal Business Formation (LLC, LLP, etc)

  • Assistance With Creating and Executing Your Business Plan

  • Assistance With Setting Up Business Bank Accounts

  • Assistance With Properly Setting Up Your Business to Help You to Build Business Credit

  • Providing Guidance with Building Business Credit Tradelines

  • Help Create Marketing Strategies for Your Business

  • Help Create Multiple Income Streams Within Your Existing Business.

  • Establish Accountability Guidelines with Clients to Help Maximize Business Potential.

  • Provide “BUSINESS THERAPY” for Experienced and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

  • Assist With the Creation of Social Media Post Creation and Strategy

  • Secure Business Domain Name

  • Create Business Email Accounts

  • Create Business Contracts

  • Assist With the Creation of Business Marketing Materials (Business Cards, Lawn Signs, Banners, Stationary, etc)

  • Assist With the Creation of Online Marketing Tools and Their Analysis (Business Surveys, Test Groups, etc) 


Monthly Investment of $600.00


Individual Sessions Can Be Purchased at the Investment Price of $160.00 per Session